Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peer Coaching Collaborations

To get us started, let's get term 1 partnerships underway! In the interests of privacy, I am using only first names and grades for you same name folks:

Lindsay (gr2) & Lynda (Ka)
Meghan (gr1) & Lindsey (gr4) & Angel (PE)
Jan (Mu) & Janet (gr3) & Leah (PE)
Anne-Marie (Kb) & Tannis (LE) & Margaret (Resource)
Michelle (JK) & Rebecca (Fr)
Michelle (UE) & Andrew (gr6)
Brenna (LE) & Jyoti (UE)

Connect with your partners and try to commit to one session each before our next Development Meeting on October 26th. This is coming a little late, so if you only get one side of your team done in that period we will manage, just make sure both are booked in your calendar.


  1. Just to clarify... we will use a prep time to go into our peer's class to do the first session and then meet afterschool or lunch to chat, right??

  2. For now, yes. Although you can try to plan around common Friday afternoons or possible preps. For the first term, these sessions including pre and post conference are relatively short.